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Scooby Doo – Stars Race

How to Play:

Scooby Doo has a new racing adventure for you which sounds really fun and exciting! you and scooby will be competing against his pal, shaggy and also velma and you have to collect all the hamburgers on the way, that are scored as points. in case you want to compete with one of the other characters, just choose it before starting to play. as you play along, you can check, in the upper part of the screen, the position you are on, as well as the level and the points gained, while on the bottom part you can see the health bar and your nitro level. in order to control the motorcycle, use your arrow keys, press the n key for nitro or r to restart the game. there are 10 challenging levels, waiting for you to play, one more awesome than the other, and you have to start with the first one to unlock the next. Good luck!

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