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Scooby Doo Ride

How to Play:

Scooby doo in front of the castle at night, filled with ghosts trying to reach home by driving a bicycle on the road. Scooby-doo goes home without making mistakes is very afraid of ghosts for your assistance is required. After loading the game, you can log in by pressing the play button. Encounter on the road from rolling and are parts of the bone and thigh. They get to go on earn points. Use the arrow keys to control your bike. Roads from rolling forward and back buttons to adjust the fader control and provide the contact end of the episode without an accident. The overthrow of the road in case of hit-and-play section and ending when the bike restarts. Departments are successful, then you can continue the game with the more challenging levels. The award-winning game Scooby doo Oyuncini.com site Have fun biking game.

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